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Fibre Shield

Protect your family from the ground upFibre Shield

Zero DryTime™, the UK’s leading dry carpet and upholstery cleaners, in association with Fibreshield™ are pleased to offer this amazing new technology.

This unique processcreates a safe and invisible, stain resistant barrier that repels water and also kills germs,giving your family up to one year’s protection against highly resistant bacteria and viruses,
including MRSA, Influenza and HIV.

• Kills bacteria and germsMechanically kills 99.9% of all bacteria and germs, cleaning your carpets andupholstery, removing unpleasant odours and offering your family protection from harmful bateria and viruses

• Naturally repels waterForms a resistant barrier that water cannot penetrate

• Stain resistantLike water, dirt and stains simply lift off

• Increases carpet lifeBacteria, water, dirt and stains continually attack the integrity of a carpet’s fibres.Fibreshield™ stops this process in its tracks.

A revolution in cleanliness for the family home

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