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Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Zero Dry Time is the leading carpet cleaning and maintenance company in the North East. We have an in-depth insight into the required systems and benefits of dry-cleaning carpets.

We use and actively promote the best dry-cleaning systems available worldwide. Our dry encapsulating system uses natural, green and environmentally-friendly carriers with a stable base. To ensure safe disposal of the cleaning product after use, it’s 100% biodegradable, containing safe cleaning chemicals.

Why you should call Zero Dry Time today:

  • Full North East coverage from our regional offices
  • Endorsed by leading carpet manufacturers
  • Green Seal approved products
  • Immediate use of floor, no down time
  • Two million+ square metres maintained annually


What are the Benefits of Using a Dry Carpet Cleaning System?

We use two dry-process systems, so you can walk on the carpet immediately after or even during cleaning. There’s no waiting for carpets to dry and no restriction access to rooms.

Our invisible anti-slip product can be applied to tiles, whether quarry, porcelain or ceramic, as well as bath tubs and shower trays.

We always try to clean businesses during trading hours, including shops, hotels, nursing homes and offices. All common-use areas (lifts, lift lobbies, access corridors and stairs) are included. This means that staff don’t have to stay late or give weekend access, which we think is a more civilised and flexible approach to carpet cleaning.


What Makes Zero Dry Time Different?

Our service is endorsed by some the largest and most important flooring and carpet manufacturers in the UK. They trust our extensive knowledge to restore or maintain their products.

We also differ from most other carpet cleaning companies because we’re not allied to one method of carpet cleaning. We always use the most appropriate system for the individual carpet, client requirement or soiling level and type.

Other companies often use whatever method is available to them, which they may be tied to for one reason or another. Cheaper equipment designed for the domestic market won’t produce the standard of result required in the commercial sector.



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