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Zerodrytime up-cycling furniture and lives with Orange Box North East

As the cost of living continues to rise, furniture poverty grows behind closed doors.

Around 14 million homes across the UK cannot afford one or more essential household goods at any one time. Schemes for families who can’t afford sofas and basic furniture are experiencing unprecedented demand as households continue to struggle.

There is real dignity in owning the basic items that make home life possible. We should not dump our unwanted furniture and instead pass it on to a local reuse scheme.

Established in 2016, Orange Box North East is a community led business that responds to a variety of issues faced by local people, one being furniture poverty and the lack of affordable, quality furniture for those on a low income.

Orange box North East is a not for profit organisation, with all funds going directly back into the company, both to support their running costs and offer employment to local people. They collect and re-distribute unwanted furniture received from the general public, as well as statutory and private sector partners and businesses.

leather sofa restoration and recolouring

Zerodrytime are supporting Orange Box North East, helping them recycle leather sofas back into the community, primarily to those on a low income and in greatest need.

The company’s leather recolouring and restoration workshops run throughout the year where Zerodrytime franchisees, staff and volunteers work together to restore furniture that may have been neglected. This opportunity gives attendees the chance to learn new skills, or spruce up on existing techniques, while also taking great pride in giving donated items a new lease of life and then recycling them back into a much-needed home through Orange Box North East.

Zerodrytime Managing Director, David Muirhead says “When the furniture comes into the workshop, it’s a bit battered but we see the potential it has, and we restore it to something beautiful again.

Leather is a soft, natural material and if not cared for using the proper products, its life span can be greatly reduced. By using our expertise and products to effectively coat the leather with a protective barrier that repels stains, reduces fading, and prevents wear and tear on the surface, we can revitalise tired leather sofas, so they look as good as new”.

Charities, community projects, and up-cycling schemes are desperate for our old furniture, with sofas being among the most in-demand pieces. By donating to Orange Box North East, not only will you be keeping your sofa out of landfill, but you will also be providing a worthy organisation with a donation that they can use to further their cause.

By donating sofas you no longer need, you’re helping provide a better home life to someone who needs it.

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