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Why is Carpet Cleaning important during the COVID pandemic?

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and completely changed all of our lives, but thankfully, there are many essential services that are still allowed to operate during this global pandemic.

Carpet cleaning is an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic since carpets can easily contain the virus once it is spread to areas of a home or workplace from cough droplets. The powerful yet safe and environmentally friendly products and techniques provided by Zerodrytime can help kill the virus on these frequently used surfaces.

Day-to-day life during this pandemic is already stressful, with more frequent cleaning required to avoid the possibility of transmitting the virus to surfaces within our home or workplace. Professional dry carpet cleaning not only reduces your overall workload but can also provide the necessary procedures capable of killing the virus if it is transmitted to carpets.

Can Covid-19 survive on Carpets?

Covid-19 is spread through contact that allows an infected person to breathe the virus into or near the airways of another person. In addition to this direct contact, the virus can also be spread through cough droplets that can easily be deposited onto any number and type of surfaces, including carpet.

According to Harvard University, coronavirus can spread to objects and surfaces  and live on these surfaces for 3 to 4 days. It is also reported that the type of material does not affect whether or not the virus can survive for 3 to 4 days on a surface.

This can be a problem with carpets. If an infected person coughs downwards or even into the air, these virus droplets can fall on to your carpet and remain active for days.

Can Covid-19 survive on Upholstery?

Perhaps even more worryingly, this virus can survive on your upholstery for days. Simply applying disinfectants to these surfaces can be ineffective and only short-term, not to mention potentially cause damage to your favourite sofa or chair!

Effective cleaning with professional products and procedures can help to ensure that the virus is eliminated from these surfaces, and the structures are kept free from potential damage.

Zerodrytime provides expert care with cleaning solutions that are both highly effective and safe. Our products can help eliminate the virus on carpets and upholstery without causing damage. This also ensures that not only is the virus destroyed, but your upholstery is deep cleaned, sanitised and deodorised.

What makes Carpet Cleaning an Essential Service?

An essential service is a service needed by the public that ensures basic necessities are available (doctors, food markets, financial institutions), and also provide services that may be necessary to negate the effects of COVID-19 – this is where carpet cleaning services come into play.

Since the virus has proven to be capable of surviving for a period of time on a wide variety of surfaces, carpet cleaning offers powerful equipment, products and procedures that can help kill the virus and clean your home in the process.

Currently there is not enough scientific evidence available to support store-bought cleaning products. Beyond standard disinfectants, not much is known about which products can kill the virus once it is transmitted onto a surface.

Our dry carpet cleaning and sanitisation technique is one way to help destroy any bugs and viruses. Additionally, our products are environmentally safe and non-toxic, which means that we can provide a deep and safe clean to surfaces.

Is it safe to have Cleaners come into my home?

Social distancing is the safest way to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. This can be achieved by keeping distances of at least 2 metres between every person and wearing a mask covering at all times with no exceptions.

It is important to remember that this virus is spread by person to person contact through breathing, as well as through placing skin on infected surfaces. Therefore, as long as social distancing, face covering and regularly washing hands or wearing gloves is observed, there is very little risk involved with having cleaners come into your home.

That said, governing mandates regarding social distancing must be still be respected to keep our customers and technicians safe.

Now, more than ever, we recommit our dedication to excellent customer service during this extraordinary time. We ensure our services are always at their best, and also address the threat of coronavirus on surfaces such as carpets and upholstery.

Allow our team of professionals to help keep your home or workplace healthy and clean with our innovative cleaning and sanitising services.

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